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When 'Spirituality' Collides with 'Free Will' & shows a 'Life Path' incomprehensible to the 'mind'!

This blog, by all means, has been the hardest one to write so far. I wrote it to show that sometimes we don't control much of anything that happens to us! I'll agree I didn't build (or lived) my life as defined by the 'three' parameters of 'Day of Birth, Life Path and Destiny Numbers' described in the 'Purpose of Life' section of this website. But then, how many people do? I learnt about them as a part of my 'Spiritual Awakening' couple of years ago.

The basic attributes of my personality type are explained in my horoscope (I was never much of a 'horoscope' kind of a person. I educated myself on it as part of my 'spiritual awakening' @the end of of 2017). The 'numeric patterns psychics and others refer to as angel numbers' on the internet happen to point to the same. As you read through this blog, you'll understand even though I made what I 'thought' the best choices/ decisions for my 'life' (career and shot @normal life), my overall life still ended up as being defined by the 'three' parameters😁 I've used 'my life' as an example to explain/draw certain conclusions. You are free to use the 'same logic' to see if it helps explain certain events in your life. More importantly, to see if it helps you arrive @Your life's purpose!

There are a total of '6 Parts' to this blog (I've been told I write long blogs😁). I wanted to write something that was comprehensive and puts everything in perspective in one place. I hope it makes an 'interesting read'. I promise to write shorter blogs in the future✌️This blog touches every section of this website. In a way, this blog is the 'website'. With that out of our way, we can get started here..

I've discussed two events in previous blogs that have had major impact on my life.

2. 'Late breakup' as predicted by a 'palm reader' @an early stage in my life (I've discussed it in the 'Destiny/ Fate: When the Universe speaks' blog on this website).

I'll go into the 3rd event here (possible root 'cause' of all other events) called 'Family Enmeshment' in this blog. Felicia Bender, PhD, who has been a numerology author, consultant and teacher since 2012 refers to it in the 'Destiny 9' section of her blog on the website. Without going into too much details, I'll admit my family suffers from 'Family Enmeshment'. I didn't know anything about it until I saw it on Felicia's website ('9' happens to be my 'destiny number'). I asked a friend @work and she didn't know anything about it either. Some people might say 'Who doesn't have family issues?' and they'd be correct in saying that. I guess, 'destiny 9 family dynamics', are little more 'complex'. Otherwise, Felicia won't, specifically, call it out in her blog.

What is 'Family Enmeshment'? Enmeshment is a description of a relationship between two or more people in which personal boundaries are permeable and unclear. Enmeshment between a parent and child will often result in over involvement in each other’s lives so that it makes it hard for the child to become developmentally independent and responsible for her choices. You can read more about it here on this link (

My 'goal' with this blog is to build a 'summary of life events' and list possible 'next steps' of life.

I consider this blog continuation of the last 'Simple Guide to Life's Purpose'. It explores further the problem I've had where 'mind disconnects from it's own heart/ soul/intuition (consciousness)' and tries to create an 'alternate reality' which is interjected by 'spirituality/ divine forces' resulting in 5 year battle with 'spiritual awakening'! 'Spiritual Awakening' through use of 'numerology' has taught me many things. It's asking me to continue on the 'path of heart towards higher (soul's) purpose'. My 'mind/ego' looks @the same problem and derives a 'solution (life path)' that's completely different from 'the path of the heart and spirituality'.

To an extent, this is understandable. 'Destiny 9' people are brought into the world with qualities of 'trust and faith in the goodness of humanity (humanitarian)' to the point where they could be considered 'naïve and unfit in the real world!' When the 'trust' is finally broken, some might 'choose' to act this way. While, in actuality, the goal is learn from the challenges and help create a better world!

Part I: 'Life Story!'...

As mentioned on the website before, I remember someone ('palm reader') visiting our house long time ago. I was pursuing an undergraduate degree @that time. At the request of a family member, he looked @the palm of my hand and asked for my name and 'date of birth'. He, then, predicted three things

a. I'll travel to the 'US' for higher studies b. I'll suffer 'late breakup' in life c. I won't 'financially' be the most successful person in the family

He then looked @me with the eyes 'This boy doesn't know what's coming for him later in life!'😁

There was no way I'd have imagined anything go astray @that point in my life. I was 'valedictorian' student @my high school. I had a girlfriend. I was the only student from my HS to get accepted @one of the topmost colleges in the city. I was headed to the US for higher studies. What could go wrong? So, I ignored all his 'predictions' and went on with my day.

I was able to finish 'bachelor's degree' on time but then struggled through the Master's big time. Only reason, I chose to enroll into the MS program was lack of good jobs @that time. I remember looking for jobs right after my undergrad and the only job I could find was 'selling airline tickets'. My 'mind' had a hard time finding co-relation between 'bachelor's degree in physics and selling airline tickets'? People around me started to say "Oh, the school's out. Now you enter the real world!". 'My mind' could not understand 'Enter what?'😁

I am a big sports fan. I used to watch 'Tennis' a lot. I remember watching John McEnroe, Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf and others win US, Australian, French and Wimbledon under the age of 20 and become famous. They had achieved success under the age of 20! And, here I was, 20 years old with a 'bachelor's degree' going for career in 'selling airline tickets'😁. I couldn't imagine doing that. So, I enrolled into the MS program but then soon realized there weren't too many good opportunities after that either. The only way to find a good job was to pursue a 'PhD in Physics' for a career in teaching or research. I didn't have much interest in teaching or research (I'll come back to this later!). I certainly didn't have patience for 10 more years of college. So, I applied to the US for Master's degree. Next thing, I was on my way to the US for higher studies (first 'prediction' came true!)

I didn't have problems finding job after finishing MS degree in Computer Science (with close to 4.0 GPA). I was doing great in my job. I had started to date someone. Suddenly, a series of unforeseen circumstances (Angel Message '666'), saw me move to California. I was in CA for 4 years. Something 'inside of me' didn't adjust to CA way of life. So, without any real 'awakening', I simply listened to my heart/soul and intuition. I traded away the shot of making 'millions' in Silicon Valley, and instead, chose to move back to 'New England in search of a balanced life'. BTW, I had a very successful career in CA. I got into Product Management. In just over a year and a half, I became Product Manager of a $2.5 Billion Dollar/Year run rate 'flagship' product of the most successful company in Silicon Valley @that time. Again, what could go wrong?

On return from CA, I found myself struggling a bit in the Boston high tech 'scene/ culture'. I've always associated my career struggles with tech sector going through recession around the same time. I remember thinking about this person one day. I did the math. I looked @my yearly savings and calculated life savings @that rate. I said to myself 'Could this person be wrong?' But, then, we got hit with the 'great recession'. I lost my job. I was finally able to find the right job. I'd also met someone. We were doing fine. We had begun to get serious.

'Tech sector' was going through 'major transformation' @that time. Older tech companies were going under as newer ones were popping up. I was struggling to secure job in the new domain. It's not that I wasn't smart, intelligent or qualified, but because by that time, I had made too many enemies. People wanted me gone ( My career struggles finally took toll on our relationship. I also lost my job. It seemed like my entire world was falling apart (job, career, relationship 'MY Perfect Storm'😁). My family wasn't supportive of my marriage either. Thanks to 'Spiritual Awakening and Felicia's blog', I, traced it back to 'The Family Enmeshment' issue.

Everything went 'downward spiral' on me over the course of 3 years. It left me with a 'Broken Spirit' (later restored through 'Angel Numbers' (end of the blog))! I lost interest in everything and my mind sunk into a deep depression. Then, @the end of 2017, I got 'sick of being sick' and made my decision. It was time for me to go! As I decided to move back to CA looking for a 'fresh start', I began to witness 'repeating numbers'. This marked the start of my 'spiritual awakening' (I discuss my experience with 'repeating numbers' all over this website. You can also read about them in my last blog 'Simple Guide to Life's Purpose'). Five years later, I am much better now. I am beginning to feel like my 'old self' before the start of all 'everything!'. Suddenly, I realized, the man was 'correct' on all accounts😁)

'Spiritual Awakening' while 'confusing, frustrating and excruciating @times' can also be an 'informative and invigorating experience!' (For more info, pls. refer to my blog on 'Spiritual Awakening and why the process is so difficult?')

Part II: Are We Born To 'Predetermined Fate/Destiny'?

Psychics believe 'It to be true!'...

I was born an 'Aries (March 29th) with Life Path/Destiny '3/3' which later changed to '3/9' due to 'name change''. Now that you are caught up on my 'life story', I ask you to give a quick look to the 'Life Path 3 and Destiny 3/9' blogs listed below. Don't focus too much on 'What you called to do (not yet!)'. Understand basics of 'Life Path 3 and Destiny Numbers 3/9' and overall 'personality traits of an Aries'.

You'll notice a certain 'pattern' start to emerge regarding 'basic personality traits & career/financial struggles of 3/3(9)' that plays well into my story so far. 'Creative' people are usually 'FATED' with more career struggles than others in a lifetime. On top of that if an 'individual's destiny = 9' (Lightworker, Humanitarian), the person can compound his/her 'life challenges' by a factor of 100😁. It's not that hard to comprehend if one happens to be an 'old spiritual soul/ Lightworker' traveling through 'earth plane' with personality traits of 'honesty, work and integrity', his/her life will be full of 'interesting experiences' (more of this later!)

As mentioned @the start of this section, I was born on March 29th as an 'Aries (ruled by his head) with Life Path/Destiny 3/3 with no real wisdom and 'Family Enmeshment' issue'' (natural personality traits of an 'Aries' except the 'FE' issue). According to Felicia, 'FE is a destiny '9' issue'. Imelda's blog on 'Aries born on March 29th' explains my career struggles. It resonates well with 'palm reader's' prediction long time ago.

Observation #1...

I won't say I didn't like what I did or had hard time finding the 'right career'. The truth is, I love my career of 'Product Management working for High Tech Companies'. It's perfect for someone like me who is not an engineer, yet, very technical and extrovert (engineers are known to be 'introvert'). It pays very well. My friends in Silicon Valley have built very successful lives doing that, and yet I struggled, something that's explained by the 'Day I was born as an Aries and my 'Life Path and Destiny Numbers!'' Does this mean, if a person with 'Life Path /Destiny 3/9' happens to find a career they like, their 'broad' life will still be determined by 'three' parameters of 'Day of Birth, Life Path & Destiny Numbers?' As I see it today, I had found the right career. It's just that the 'whole inside/outside world' didn't align properly resulting in life ended up being defined by the 'three parameters'. How 'uncanny' is that?😁 (Pls refer to the 'Balancing Mind, Body and Soul' article under 'Purpose of Life' section).

I am beginning to wonder if 'Family Enmeshment' and/or an 'old soul traversing earth plane' are the reasons for delay of my 'awakening' until the end of 2017 (more of this later)? 'Spirituality' is an 'intuition' based model! Being an 'Aries ruled by his head and 'Free Will'', it can get challenging @times. This is where you look @the 'Path of Head' and ask if it leads to an overall 'Path of Happiness'?😁

'Birth Day 29 & Life Path/Destiny Number of 3/3 (9)' imply natural personality traits of 'creativity, higher intuition and self expression'. People with those personality traits make good teacher, writer, actor or healer. They also make a good 'Psychic /Healer or Lightworker'.

People with 'Destiny 3' are called to 'inspire, motivate, heal and uplift people'. People with 'Destiny 9' are called to reach 'higher state of consciousness and teach others on how to do this?' 'Destiny 3 to 9' wouldn't have happened for me without some sort of 'awakening!'

Observation #2...

I didn't want to pursue PhD (Physics) because of lack of interest in teaching and/or research. Now, Universe wants me to do the research (this website is the result!), 'connect astrology with numerology, angel messages, personal life experiences, reach higher state of consciousness and teach others on how to do this?'😁

People with 'Life Path of 3' (that's me!) have hard time 'letting go of the past', 'Destiny 9' (also me!) is all about 'letting go of the past' and 'moving forward on a spiritual path'! It's like Universe points you to your 'Life Path's Biggest Challenge' (not letting go of the past!), and then, shows you a way 'out' (crossover from destiny of '3' to '9')🙄

Spirituality wants to 'define everything that's happened to me until 5 years ago as a 'Cycle of Life''.

a. Loss of job (and possibly career)

b. Breakup of late relationship

c. Family Enmeshment issues (This will be a 'Lifetime' issue. More on this later!)

d. Misalignment of mind from heart/soul/intuition

e. End of a Cycle and

f. Spiritual Awakening

It tells me to leave 'the cycle' behind and move to the 'new cycle' on a 'spiritual path' (angel message 420 /08/angel-number-420.html). The world of 'Spirituality' begins with 'Forget Everything You Think You Know!'

My 'mind' looks @the 'same cycle', wants to leave it behind, move back to silicon valley and 'start fresh'. Nothing's wrong with that except, 'Angels' consider 'giving up on heart/dreams' negative trait of 'Life Path 3' (

Observation #3...

If 'Path of Heart' leads to a 'Collapse' and 'Path of Head' to an 'Unfulfilled Life', you turn to 'Path of Spirituality' for the answers. You find your 'Higher Purpose'! You build 'Life' around it😁

BTW, I don't consider 'Silicon Valley' a bad place. You work with smartest and brightest people in the 'tech' sector (creators of technology and products!) Where would the 'world' be in terms of technology if we didn't have Silicon Valley? You get paid very well too. It's just that sometimes 'work by itself' is not a 'great source of happiness'. It's about 'finding work/life balance!'

I don't 'think' my 'silicon valley' mind would have figured this out on it's own (The blog heading..😁)

"We Can't Run From Who We Are. Our Destiny Chooses Us!"

Part III: 'Free Will': Do We Have 'Free Will' or 'The Perception of it'?

"Free Will" is defined as the power to act without constraint of necessity or Fate; the ability to act at one's own discretion. It's voluntary choice or decision. It's freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention.

Dmitriy in "Cycles of Life" article on this website says "You're free to exercise 'your will' within the limits of your mission and under guidance from your Higher Self (5th energy center or chakra is responsible for your own voice and willpower)".

Frustrating, isn't it?😁

Psychics and others like Bethany (in her article on 'Lightwork' on this website) advice on 'to listen, trust & act on the signs', basically, 'A Surrender!'. Dimitry in 'Cycles of Life' article agrees with it too but then hints @ 'testing new limits' after finding 'Purpose of your Life'.

"Is 'Free Will' a 'Gift'? You'll never know until you 'Fight' for it?"

'Sometimes, you've to break rules in order to serve the greater good'...

Universe reminds us 'Anytime, we tinker with 'natural laws', the bill comes due'..


In conclusion, 'Path of Free Will' should lead to 'The Path of Happiness'. We can choose to live life through 'Wisdom of Heart or Wisdom of Logic' but they should lead to 'Path of Happiness' and 'Happiness comes from the Heart'.

Part IV: 'Spiritual Awakening'...

For this, I'd refer you to my blog on 'Spiritual Awakening, Life Purpose and Lightwork' on this website.

I've always wondered 'What triggered my Spiritual Awakening'? Why did it take so long (end of 2017?) just as I decided to leave New England for CA for the second time. People on 'you-tube & net' talk about 'Awakening' @all ages. I had definitely 'stirred' something up in 2017 and I'd like to know what?

1. Was it 'my soul' that didn't want to go back to CA? But, then, I thought it wanted 'New England'. That's why I'd returned back to NE in just '4' years. Without any real 'awakening or spiritual wisdom', I'd simply listened to my 'soul/intuition' and followed the 'path of my heart'. How come 'my thoughts didn't create my reality'? My thoughts had envisioned a different 'Fate' (more on it later!)

2. Did 2017-'18 mark an end to a 'period of misalignment (mind /heart)' that'd begun long time ago with my initial move to CA?

3. Was it that in 2017, I decided to 'walk away from my heart'? No one wants to give up on their 'heart/ desires'. There comes a time when people decide they've tried enough and want to move on with life. My 'mind' wanted 'change' and shot @accomplishing 'goals' in another place. It thought of CA where my skillsets would get me a 'fresh start'.

4. Is it because I, unknowingly, tried to put an end to a lifelong 'Family Enmeshment' issue?

5. Was I in 2017-18 starting a 'new cycle of life' but on an 'old path' with move back to CA? That'd have resulted in 'opening of old wounds' as moving back to CA to 'old career' would have brought me in touch with same people responsible for the destruction of my 'life dream' while the Universe wants me to move forward to 'new cycle' and heal (both destiny '3/9' list 'healing as their higher purpose')?

6. Did 2017 mark an end to a 'long spiritual cycle' (as explained by Dimitry in the 'cycles of life' article under the 'purpose of life' section on this website)? Aliza Kelley believes 'Destiny 9' is considered an an 'old soul' traversing 'the earth' According to Joanne Walmsley '9 = end of a cycle = Lightwork'. Did my 'entire life until 2017' constitute a 'cycle' that finally ended?

7. Did the Universe just decide to 'end one cycle (end of 2017) and start a new' with 'higher purpose' as a result of 'new thoughts' acquired through 'spiritual awakening' since 'my own thoughts of moving to CA are not aligned with it'? But then, 'my thoughts were not aligned with my inside (&The Universe) when I moved to CA long time ago. Why didn't Universe 'interject' @that time'? Because then, I wouldn't have gone to CA and, in stead, built 'life' in NE. Did the Universe wanted 'Family Enmeshment' to remain in my life or the 'Fate' wasn't finished doing what it wanted to do while 'soul' got it's experience (more on this later!)

8. Or My 'soul' just wants 'new experience' common theme among destiny '9' (more on this later)?

These are some of the questions that have bogged down my mind in the past 5 years. The Universe makes it simple by saying 'throw everything out and start over again' (Angel Message 711!). 'Starting over' is not always that easy. Universe answers back 'Don't 'FEAR' ANYTHING. Everything will work out in the END' (Angel Message 456)😁

I've spent past 5 years trying to understand 'numeric patterns' psychics and others refer to as 'angel numbers'. I've connected them to 'my thoughts and heart's desires'. I've tried to understand message being conveyed. They are messages of 'love, peace & harmony in the world'. They carry 'lots of hope & serve as a source of wisdom'. They ask you to 'never give up on your heart's desires!'

I didn't know anything about 'numerology, angel numbers, Life Path/ Destiny Numbers, spirituality or Purpose of Life' before 2017. I was somehow directed to them. I've always thought of my work in 'technology' companies as the 'Purpose of my Life'😁. Although true @times, 'Divine Life Purpose' can be different. There are instances where Universe might interject and reveal it to us. 'Awakening' is probably one of the 'tools' it uses to get our attention Or Universe simply wants to show us a 'better way to build our lives'.

Picture below is a good description what an 'Awakening' feels like😁

The saying goes...

It feels like "someone or something taking over you and wants you to accomplish 'Life's Mission' (Angel Message 777)". As you can see from the website, it has nothing to do with what I did for a living before 'Spiritual Awakening'. 'Spirituality' works with the notion "Don't think! Align yourself with Universe/ Divine forces and everything will get work out for you".

According to psychic Joanne Walmsley 'Serving 'Divine Life (soul) Purpose' is not going to be easy. In order to awaken your true life’s purpose you need to be to accept ‘change’. Change may come in the form of a change in consciousness, a change in belief-sets and/or thought-patterns, a distinct career change, a change in lifestyle choices'

Part V: Intuition and Forgiveness...

The more I think about it, the more it feels combination of '6' and others (points) mentioned in the section above. For a long time, I'd believed Universe had marked 'the period of time of my initial move to CA to the end of 2017' as 'misalignment mind/heart (bad cycle)'. (You can read all about it in the 'Destiny/Fate' blog to understand it better). I thought Universe wanted me to 'write off' the entire experience (Silicon Valley to Boston) as an 'end of a cycle' and move forward to a 'new cycle' with a 'fresh start' (Angel Numbers 666, 111 and 999). Although 'true' to an extent, 'truth' of the matter is

a. 'My Fate' of 'short career' was sealed @birth ( march/march-29-zodiac/).

b. 'My Fate' of 'Late Breakup' was predicted @an early age

c. 'My Fate' of 'Family Enmeshment' was sealed @birth

d. My "Life Path/ Destiny 3/9 = 'Creative Communication/Spiritual Path' & Lightwork" were revealed to me in last 5 years beginning @the end of 2017.

It's 'true' I suffered from 'misalignment of mind/heart' with initial move to CA but 'there are events of my life' that go back to the time I was born. I view the 'period of time between Silicon valley and Boston' a 'small distraction' to the 'Day I was born as an Aries (with 'Fate' of short career), Prediction of Late Breakup & Family Enmeshment' issues. 'Family Enmeshment' has remained 'strong' throughout my life (no change). It exists even today. It's not going to change unless I take the 'necessary steps' as indicated by Felicia in her blog under 'Destiny 9' (

This brings me back to my earlier question.... Do 'broad parameters' of life get defined before birth or can we actually 'change' something along the way? Psychics believe 'Life is Predetermined!' This is why they pay close attention to the 'divine' signs (Angel Number 77!)

Dimitry in the 'Cycles of Life' article on this website talks about 'formation of cosmic connection @the end of 7th 7 year cycle'. Tom Monte discusses it in the 'Day of Birth, 29' section on this website. 'End of a Cycle' marks the 'beginning of the New' which is what 'Angel Number 9/ Destiny 9'. You walk the 'spiritual path' in the new cycle (Angel Number 55, 99) with a new version of you as a result of new thoughts acquired through 'Spiritual awakening (Wisdom)'. You share it with the rest of the world.

'Angel Message 22' encourages you to bring things through to fruition on both the 'spiritual and material planes'!

'Destiny 9' is about universal harmony, destiny, Karma, forgiveness, lightwork and 'letting go of the past' (Angel Numbers 99,999 and 9999). Universe doesn't care about 'age' since 'miracles' can happen @anytime.

'Forgiveness' comes easy once you understand 'we control very little of what happens to us'! I remember reading this somewhere, "You should view 'your life' as a movie with you as the main character @the center of it while others playing out different characters in your 'life story'. They are there to teach you a lesson. View 'your movie' as a 'lesson for soul to grow' and move on". How can I hold hostility/grudge against anyone when my 'Life' was designed like this? Who knows, maybe, it was designed with a different 'purpose' in mind?😁

According to Kathy, '9's' suffer a 'great deal' and have to overcome many struggles in life ( life-path-number-9-guide/). "Sometimes, it feels like the world is against you". According to Hans Decoz/ Tom Monte (Book: 'Numerology: Key to your Inner Self'), 'Birth Day 29' need to develop 'FAITH' where they can 'TRUST' others! Felicia in her blog ( /nine-life-path/) compares 'Life Path 9' to the movie 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a story in which Benjamin is born an old man in an infant’s body. As he matures, he meets himself in the middle of his life and then begins to become younger as time passes. He eventually dies of old age as an infant again.'

'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' is truly a great movie. I've seen it quite a few times! In fact, I am watching it right now as I type this. "Cate meets Brad after a long time. She is talking to him about 'Kismet' and how psychic believe everything's predetermined in life"😁 I enjoy it every time I see it. Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchette, Tilda Swinton and Julia Ormond are some of my favorite actors. The only thing I found odd in the storyline was while Brad's character goes through life with 'awe', he doesn't 'build anything concrete' in that movie. He lives a free life. He has lots of interesting experiences. My life, so far, has turned out the same way (although I never planned it this way!) 'My Mind' thinks 'Life should be more than few interesting experiences'.

There's no way for me to tell if I've an 'old soul' or not (although all the signs and numbers point to that!) According to Aliza Kelly '9' connotes an old soul ( If this is an 'old spiritual soul' then he wasn't going to have much of a 'traditional career' on the 'earth plane' explained by my 'Day of Birth (March 29th), and, Destiny Number 9'. My 'Life Path 3' implies 'creative communication!' If this 'soul' has traveled to earth with a 'purpose', the only way for me to have learnt about it would be through some kind of 'trauma (loss of job, career and breakup over 3 year period = 'The Dream')) '. That's where 'Spiritual Awakening' comes into the play! Bethany in her article on 'Lightwork' under 'Purpose of Life' section on this website talks about 'humans awakening to their higher spiritual purpose and reconnecting with their soul plan and mission crafted prior to their birth'. She discusses 11 types of 'Lightworkers'. One of them called 'Messengers see Angel Messages'. Their job is to get these messages out into the real world!

I want my 'soul' to experience what it came to experience. The challenge is to 'balance the soul's mission with my 'human Aries mind' in one life'! My mind is not opposed to the idea of 'soul's mission, higher purpose or spiritual awakening'. It just loves what it did. 'Destiny 9' demands that we leave 'the past behind and move in a new direction on a 'spiritual path''. My 'human Aries mind' finds that extremely challenging!

As mentioned by Felicia, I expect 'Family Enmeshment' to remain throughout my life but I intend to make few 'changes'. I have to also find an answer for my 'traditional career'. What I've done creating this website is 'very satisfying'. It goes well with 'my Higher Purpose of life (writer and Lightwork!)' but it's just an interesting 'venture' for now. I've to find something that uses my other skillsets (besides creativity, intuition and self expression) as I continue to serve my 'soul's purpose with this website'. But then, 'Spirituality' says 'FORGET EVERTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW'. Good Times😁

Universe says, "I am exactly where I am supposed to be in order to achieve my 'soul's purpose' (Angel Message 222!). I don't disagree with that, except, 'my mind' expects more. It doesn't think I am where I am supposed to be @this stage in my life". It wants a 'change'.

According to Felicia, 'Life Path '9' is meant to be expansive and spiritually challenging'. It seems that way😁 with one difference. Thanks to her and others, I am beginning to understand 'myself' better now. According to Aliza Kelly, New York-based astrologer, and writer, 'Destiny 9 must learn to balance abstract with tangible, ultimately finding its place at the intersection of fantasy and reality!'

Part VI: Final thoughts...

How do you 'decide' on 'The Right Path'?

a. Understand role of 'Fate' in life!

b. Know 'Yourself' better (likes, dislikes)!

c. Maintain a good balance on the inside (mind, heart and soul) and the outside

d. Move 'decision making' from the head to the heart/soul & intuition (higher consciousness).

e. 'Chosen Path' should not lead to 'The Path of Unhappiness!'

It's important to know

a. We don't always 'control' everything

b. Understand 'scope' of the problem c. Make the necessary 'changes' d. Move on

From where I come from everything starts with a college degree. I knew through the first 'four months of spiritual awakening' what I was being asked to do. It was to find a way to help people! I thought getting a 'PhD in Psychology' would allow me to do that ('great app' for people with 'higher intuition')😁. But, then, I dropped the idea of it because of lack of interest in either 'chemistry or biology'. I barely passed through 'biology' in the 12th grade. I dropped 'chemistry' into the second year of my 'bachelor's degree' (couldn't stand smell of all those chemicals and acids in the lab). I am a pure 'physics, math and computer science' kind of person. Universe answered back saying 'You've been given 'messages' (Angel Message 888!). Go out and Share! Help people through them.'😁

This is how you 'create the new reality' that leads to your 'destiny'.

It feels like 'Life's all about Fate and Destiny' complied with 'bunch of interesting experiences for soul to grow' ('human body is a 'vessel' for the soul)'. I remember reading it somewhere 'the longest journey you'll ever take is the one where you need to find 'yourself''.

Lot of people don't consider 'Astrology, Numerology or Angel Messages' an exact science (I am a man of science myself!) but I am beginning to see 'relevance' of them. They help us understand 'broader framework' of our life!

You begin to understand

1. 'Thoughts Create Reality!'

2. Weigh 'Consequences' Before 'Actions!'

3. Universe holds 'the ultimate power to change and/or control our thoughts' through 'Fate & Destiny!'

Doctor Strange Meets 'The Ancient One'....

You begin to believe in...

a. Reorient 'Spirit' to better heal the body

b. Healing through 'belief!' (You're a man looking @the world through a 'keyhole'. You've spent your whole life trying to widen that keyhole. To see more, to know more. Now, hearing that, it can be widened in ways you can't imagine, you reject the possibility)

c. You say 'Teach me!'😁


I've written extensively on my experience with 'Angel Numbers' on this website. One of the 'Angel Numbers' I see quite often is '1234'. When reduced to single digit, '1234' equals '1' ('1+2+3+4 =10 =1+0 = 1'). '1' signifies a '(new) fresh start' while '9 = (my) destiny number' means 'end of a cycle and beginning of new'. '1234' when reduced to '1' also implies coming through 'full circle' and constitutes a 'great experience'.

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Hillary Ciccarello
Hillary Ciccarello
Feb 06, 2023

This is so accurate and relatable! My favorite blog!

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