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Divine Life Purpose & Soul Mission

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." – Mark Twain


The purpose of "Spiritual Awakening" is to awaken to one's "Divine life purpose and Soul mission".

I alluded to it earlier in the "Numerology" section, that hopefully, you followed your heart/ soul and intuition (inner guidance) and created a life for yourself as it exists today. I am not naïve to say "everyone's life works out the way they plan". In fact, for lot of people, life doesn't pan out the way they'd envisioned.

In the "Numerology and Angel Messages" model, you "never" give up on your heart's desires. Let's say you followed your heart and things didn't work out, that doesn't mean you made a mistake and give up. You go back and refocus on your "heart's desire", change "whatever else" you need to change, focus your mind on it and give it another shot. You repeat this process until you have accomplished your goal.


People tend to give up on their desire after trying couple of times. They let emotions of "anger, hate and jealousy" cloud their judgement and take over their life. Mind, in turn, plays into those "emotions" and ends up taking you in a direction you wouldn't normally go.


It's important to understand the difference between "emotions" and "heart's desire". Heart knows what's best for you. Emotions may try to keep you away from achieving your heart's true desires. Hence, never give up on your heart (easier said than done. I struggle with it all the time).


"Life is what you create. It's an extension of yourself". And who you are is "in your heart and in your soul". Never let anyone else tell you otherwise. Get out, and create a life that you deserve!

Now, coming back to "Spiritual Awakening". For me, Spiritual Awakening happened through "constant display of repetitive numbers". If you happen to see same numbers, it's your choice whether you choose to acknowledge them or not . If you choose to follow the sign and understand it's meaning (google it!), then you might be "guided" to more numbers. It's like someone is trying to communicate with you.

I saw lots of numbers (I discuss them in the "Numerology" section) and they all added up to "Leaving the past behind. Bringing in the new and things will fall in place for me". I was told to leave mistakes of the past in the past where they belong.

Now, I've thought great deal about the mistakes I've made (That's what people with Life Path number (3) do. They have hard time letting go of their past). After having spent a little over 4 years studying these numbers that have had nothing but a positive impact my life, I believe these mistakes were meant to happen. I read it somewhere that "experiences are arranged @the soul level". My mind interprets "bad experience" as something "negative" and wants to react in a different way but numbers tell me that these are "just experiences" for the soul to grow and that I should move on.

My name change had profound effect on change of my destiny from (3) to (9). Destiny number (9) brings it's own set of "not so normal" experiences. It also means an "old soul" that has traversed the earth plane many times before and has been through many ups and downs. The repeating numbers guided me to move towards my "soul" (and not "head") and accomplish "soul's purpose and mission" in the "new (next) cycle of life". It's like "my life" had two cycles, one that ended 4 years ago that were mere experiences for soul "to grow" and second that had just begun and is guiding me on a "Spiritual path", hence, "Spiritual Awakening". 

As mentioned earlier, people with Life Path Number (3) have hard time letting go of their past (that's me!). On top of that if your mind and heart are not in sync (again, that's me!), you'll not be able to make right choices (or decisions) for yourself. That leads to not being able to "move forward" in life which, in turn, leads to "collapse of life and depression".

While people with Life Path Number (3) struggle to let go of their past, Destiny Number (9) is all about "letting go of past entirely" and make a new beginning. You are allowed to bring back things from the past and give them a new meaning but it'd be good if you can let go of it "entirely" and make a fresh start. Numbers "123", "1234" etc. are all about "fresh start and new beginning".

Destiny Number (9) is also about "Universal harmony, destiny and Karma". While my mind "plays" into negative "emotions", numbers tell me to move forward towards "soul" and create an environment of "Universal harmony" and help others how to achieve this "spiritual awareness".

My mind is "pure physics, math and computer science" and wants to go back to building tech products. My soul mission tells me to "achieve higher state of self consciousness and help others achieve this spiritual awareness" (A complete disconnect!).


What if, I can direct my "old soul" to create a technology product that helps achieve my soul mission (Angel Number 710 and 1234)? Wouldn't that be the best of both worlds? 

I say what happened to me was meant to happen because during my undergrad, I remember someone visiting our house. He looked @my palm and said three things all of which ended up coming true later in life. The "constant display of same numbers" explained to me who I was (a lightworker), my strengths and weaknesses, my life path and destiny number @birth (3) and then change in destiny to (9). Hans Decoz and Tom Monte in their book "Numerology" talk about significance of name change on one's destiny. They also talk about how a "name change" need to be ingrained @the subconscious level. Mine took decades. I don't believe it'd have happened without "spiritual awakening".

I remember reading somewhere "Spiritual Awakening is not usually pleasant. Often, it feels like confusion, frustration, anger, sadness, grief, or being "out of place". A Spiritual Awakening can be uncomfortable and challenging because it's an intense time of personal growth. But, despite how difficult it may feel, you're not going crazy; you are evolving".


Trust me, it feels every bit like that. I don't smoke. I rarely drink (maybe once in 5-10 years). I've never done drugs before in my life but have seen movies where they show people go through the process of "detoxification" to get drugs out of their system.  Spiritual Awakening feels just like "detoxification". You'll experience extreme levels of "emotions", pain and agony, anger and sleeplessness (pain killers and sleep aids won't work). It's like you are very very sick, completely broken and your soul can't take it anymore and cries out for help. The help comes in the form of "Spiritual Awakening". You go through detoxification and are "put together" with a "new purpose and mission in life". Destiny Number (3) calls out to "inspire, motivate, heal and uplift others", (9) on the other hand, calls out "To achieve a higher state of consciousness and teach others how to achieve theirs" (please refer to Life Path and Destiny Number sections).

Destiny Number 9 is considered to be the most evolved because you possess the good and the bad of all other numbers (1-9). I don't think I am that evolved😁 (not yet though!) but I understand it's a big responsibility. People with Destiny number (3) are "very emotional". I've to learn to master my own "emotions". Hopefully, I can do something right this time (in this life) and help others along the way. Now, you know why I wrote the purpose of this website the way I wrote.

I went through something (and continue to do so). I feel I am called to a purpose. I am going to do it to the best of my abilities. I may not do it exactly in the manner I am told but I intend to help people find their purpose and do something good along the way.

I feel I've had two lives already, one in the country of my origin and second here in the US and, now, I am being asked to "transform myself once again by letting go of the past entirely" and move in the direction of my "higher Purpose" which is to serve humanity on a  "spiritual path".


This time is really hard. It's like living "3 different lives in one lifetime". My mind wants to go back to Silicon Valley and build life around building technology products while I am being guided to follow my heart and move towards the higher purpose (soul's purpose). I am being told through "angel Number 420) following my heart will lead to ultimate success. My mind fights back since following my heart is not a real job or career (at least not yet!) while valley is a real career.

How to find your "Divine Life Purpose and Soul Mission"?

Don't lose heart if you don't see these numbers. It is possible you might already be doing what you were intended to do in this lifetime. When I look back @my life, my head and heart were always disconnected. The only time I followed my heart was when I chose to move back to New England after having spent 4 years in California. All my life, I did things because others told me to do so or I was following someone else's footsteps. I never followed my own heart. I don't think I ever looked in my heart. May be that's why things reached to a point where my soul couldn't take it anymore and I went through "Spiritual Awakening" so that I could release the past and start a 'new cycle of life' and do what I was meant (supposed) to do.


Lightworkers often don't realize who they are or what are meant to do. They are like any other humans and have go through experiences to "awaken" to their true purpose (more of it in the "Lightworkers Section")

Finding "Life's true purpose and mission" can be a hard thing. You have to honest with yourself, search within and not let others or your mind influence you in anyway. It takes time and serious effort. Sometimes a life event can jolt you to the core of your being (happens to be in my case) but people can start by just calculating their life path (Higher purpose) and destiny numbers (I have explained it in couple of places on this website. It's a very simple math). You can also analyze your day of birth (and not month or the year). Life path number, destiny number and day of birth will give you ample information to your life's true purpose and soul mission.

Most people associate "Life's purpose" with "what they do for a living". That's not true. Your "Divine Life Purpose" comes from you "Soul" and "not head". Finding soul's purpose is not easy but if you are lucky enough to find it, following it won't be an easy walk. Manifesting "soul's purpose" may require "change". Change may come in the form of "change in thoughts or distinct change in career or change in life style choices". None of which is going to be easy.

Lara Smith in ( talks about Spiritual journey is not easy. It requires faith, determination, and trust in that which is divine. Divinity only manifests in our lives if we allow it to. 

Remember this.

(1) You have to lose your "human mind" in order to gain your "Spiritual senses".

(2) When the "ego" dies, the soul "awakens"

The goal of higher consciousness is to connect the "individual souls to the universal mind".

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