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Dark Night of the Soul?

When an individual becomes aware of what is their ego and what is their soul, or in other words, has a spiritual awakening, they have to shed whatever is unauthentic so they can be true self and their highest potential - Freya Faery


When this process happens, it can seem exciting @first, more positive and uplifting. It is in the beginning of your journey of uncovering your true essence where you are guided by the wisdom and lightness of your soul but where there is lightness, there is darkness as one cannot exist without the other.


The dark night of the soul happens just before enlightenment or a revelation, when everything is lost and seems dark. This can look like a major depressive, life shattering time in your life. During this time is where individuals do Shadow Work - which uncovers a lot of unhealed trauma and aspects of oneself.


Going through the dark night of the soul has you living in your shadow, and is the lowest of the lows. It comes with lots of withdrawing from the world and people around you. It shatters your belief system and sends you basically into an identity crisis. Everything you once believed in, you are questioning. You have gained a different perception than what you had in the past.


To some who are unaware of this cycle, may not realize that you will get out of the darkness, but it is just a stage one must go through in order to truly be enlightened.

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