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Thoughts 'shape' reality...

I have asked myself this question million times before and I continue to do so. Do 'thoughts shape reality?' If it was true, then, that'd mean 'we have 'Free will' and control our destiny'.

Spiritual Awakening...

My 'awakening' began right after my decision to leave for California (end of 2017) in order to save my career 'putting mind @odds with desires of the heart'. It happened after loss of job (possibly career), break up of a serious relationship and betrayal by some of the most closest people in my life resulting in complete collapse of life with mind sinking into 'deep depression' and getting trapped in some very 'dark spaces' inside my head (I have discussed this @greater length in other blogs. I don't want to repeat it all here).

The first '4-5' months of 'awakening through repetitive numbers (also referred to as angel numbers)' was an excruciating experience with 'numbers' following me everywhere while driving or @the grocery store or work etc. Numbers pointed me to an 'end of cycle of life and start of new on spiritual path/ higher (soul's) purpose'. In the last few years, 'awakening' has taken me on a journey to 'the day I was born with specific life path and destiny numbers'. It wants me to 'leave the past behind' and 'pursue my destiny' in this new cycle of life. My mind 'prefers' move back to silicon valley, get back to the career I love and build life around it. My mind made decision to move back to California as it had followed the 'path of the heart' all my life with 'no success'. I've traced everything back to an 'old soul & family enmeshment' theory both of which are related to 'destiny 9'.

'Reverse Engineering' and Power In Numbers (day of birth, life path and destiny number)...

I am not sure if it's just me or true for others as well but it's amazing to see how (3) parameters of life end up defining an 'entire life' of a person. I was born on March 29th with 'Life Path/Destiny = 3/3'. I used to fall sick all the time so it was decided 'very early in life' that I should have a different 'name'. This introduced destiny '9' into my life.

Day of Birth!

I was born on March 29th ('Aries'). It's not uncommon for 'Aries born on March 29th' to have 'short' careers as explained below. 'Aries born on March 29th' are very 'direct'. Being 'direct' means they are not liked by that many people. It's a matter of time before their 'enemies' gang up and take them down.

This has been my experience so far...

Life Path 3!

'Life Path' is deduced from the 'date of birth' as explained under the 'purpose of life' section of this website (It's simple 'math' and won't take more than 5 minutes).

'Life Path 3' is of a 'creative communicator'. People born with 'Life Path 3' tend to be writers, actors, musicians, counselors or teachers and don't fit into standard 9-5 jobs. You can see here how 'day of birth' ends up feeding into the 'Life Path' for the person.

Destiny 3!

'Destiny' is deduced from the 'name on the birth certificate'. Again, it's very simple 'math' and won't take more than 5 minutes (This is also explained under the 'purpose of life' section of this website).

If your 'destiny = 3', you are called to 'inspire, motivate, heal and uplift people'. It goes well with careers listed under the 'Life Path 3' section.

Destiny 9!

If your 'destiny= 9', your mission is 'to reach higher state of consciousness and help others achieve this spiritual awareness'. 'Destiny 9' is path of a humanitarian. 'Destiny 9' people can suffer from 'Familiy Enmeshment' issue.

What is 'Family Enmeshment'?

Enmeshment is a trait of family dysfunction that involves poorly defined or nonexistent boundaries, unhealthy relationship patterns, and a lack of independence among family members.

'Depression' is common among 'Life Path 3'. 'Life Path 3 and destiny '3/9'' bode financial difficulties in life.

I was born with these 'basic parameters' but lived an entire life unaware of them. I have learnt about them over the past 6 years as part of my 'spiritual awakening'.

Fast Forward 'Few Years Later'...

I remember a family friend ('palm reader') visiting our house when I was pursuing an 'ungrad degree in physics'. At the request of a family member, he looked @the palm of my hand and asked for my name and date of birth. He, then, made 3 predictions

  1. I'll travel to USA for higher studies.

  2. I'll suffer 'relationship' breakup late in life.

  3. I won't financially be the 'most successful' person of the family.

I have discussed my 'story' @greater length in other blogs (I prefer not to repeat it here). To put it succinctly, I'll say all his predictions ended up coming 'true' later in my life.

If you look @the section above, you will realize 'my life until 2017' had fallen broadly under the umbrella of (3) parameters as defined @the time of birth and as predicted by 'the palm reader'. Until the end of 2017, I had lived my life through 'head' pursuing a career in high tech product development (and not actor/ writer or healer. Nevertheless, the end result was the same😁) without analyzing it. It was 'spiritual awakening' that led to the 'connecting of the dots' (past/ present and the future).

The 'palm reader's' predictions @that time came as huge 'surprise' for my family since, academically, I was the smartest person in the family. After all, I was 'valedictorian' student @my HS (academic 'smarts' doesn't always translate into 'real world' success!)😁

I, like my 'Father', was never much of 'horoscope or palm reader' kind of a person. So, I ignored all his predictions and went on with my day.

Lessons learnt from 'Astrology and Numerology'...

If you're an 'Aries', you work with your 'head'. In Astrology, 'every sign learns from the last one ('wisdom')'. Since 'Aries' are first sign in the zodiac system, they are born with little or no wisdom. That means, if an 'Aries' need to get to destiny 9 in one life ('9' is considered the 'most evolved' in numerology and covers all the 'positive and challenging' elements of destinies (1..8)), there'll be plenty of 'lessons learnt' along the way (9's life is a 'roller coaster'). 'Aries' make good 'test subjects'😁 as they 'live life by the head' (jump first, think later 'mantra'). They are bound to make more mistakes leading them to 'lessons learnt the hard way'!

If your 'destiny = 9', your mission in life is 'to reach higher state of consciousness and help others achieve this spiritual awareness'. But, how do you get to destiny '9'? You go through a 'Lifecycle of learning'. You, then, experience an 'end of cycle'. You eventually begin the 'new cycle' on a 'new path' in that same life😁

Higher (Soul's) Purpose...

How many people are born with understanding of 'soul (/ soul's purpose) or spiritual awareness?' I am sure people who visit 'place of worship' understand it. It's not that I don't believe in 'God (or the higher power)', it's just that I have never felt the urge to visit 'place of worship' on a weekly basis. I've always thought if I do things the right way, I am going to be 'ok'.

I also thought 'religion and spiritual' were the same (they aren't!) until my experience with 'numeric patterns called 'angel numbers'). I began to see 'repetitive numbers' ( 11,22,33, 44, 55,66,77, 88, 99,111 ,222,333,444,555, 666,777,888,999, 123,234,456,310,510,710, 711,1010,1111,1212,1234 and 9999) @the end of 2017 as a result of 'spiritual awakening'. 'Awakening' is part of my destiny as defined by birth parameters. The 'frequency of repeat numbers' has definitely gone down quite a bit since the early days of 'awakening' It now happens only when my mind 'tries to get out of alignment with 'numeric patterns').

According to psychic Joanne Walmsley 'angel number 9' (besides many things) stands for an 'end of a cycle', destiny, karma, spiritual awareness and lightwork etc..

Someone, like me, who isn't much religious, 'spiritual awareness' would require some kind of an 'intervention = awakening through repetitve numbers'. In numerology '9 is followed by 1 (new start)'. New start could mean 'pursuit of the destiny'. This is where you leave the 'past behind' and move to the 'new cycle of life on a new path'! 'Human mind' tries to create complications based on personal situation but the 'path/logic as suggested by 'numerology and numeric patterns (angel numbers)' does not change'.

'Spiritual Awakening' is all about 'soul's purpose and mission!' It's where you 'switch (/transition)' from the life you have created (mind's purpose/ego) for yourself by looking 'outwards' to the life you were to born to create @the the time of birth (soul's purpose!) This 'new revelation (/reality/ reset)' are hard for a human mind.

Thoughts Shape Reality...

'Thoughts shape reality as long as your thoughts are aligned with 'the Universe''! One way to know if 'thoughts are aligned with the universe is to check with your (heart/soul/ intuition) and see if thoughts are 'in sync' with heart's desires'. My 'thoughts were always aligned with the heart' and yet I still struggled to create the 'desired reality'? What if one has 'destiny' to fulfill before 'manifestation of the desires of the heart'?

My destiny of '3/9' is about 'inspire, motivate, heal and uplift people. To reach higher state of consciousness and help others achieve this spiritual awareness'. According to Bethany's article on 'Lightworkers' under 'purpose of life' section of this website, there are 11 types of 'lightworkers'. One of them called 'messengers' see repetitive numbers. Their mission is to get the messages out into the real world. Hans Decoz and Tom Monte in their book 'Numerology: A Key to InnerSelf!' say people born on 'day 29' make 'great psychics' (Again, not a standard 9-5 standard job -----> Life Path '3'). According to the book, 'Look for ways to help others and convey larger message of harmony and insight with which you were blessed. This'll lead to 'manifestation'...

In other words, 'nothing was going to materialize in my life until acquisition of 'new thoughts' through use of 'awakening'....

Based on these 'new findings', reason for my struggles to create 'desired reality' lays in completion of 'cycle of life'. Even though my 'thoughts were aligned with the heart in previous cycle of life', nothing was not going to pan out as the taken 'path' didn't matter.

According to 'angel message 777', 'the longest journey you take is to find yourself'. Once you have accomplished that, then only, you can 'do what you were meant to do!'

Another 'view' on why anyone would struggle to create 'desired reality' is what Dimitry refers to in his article 'cycles of life under the purpose of life' section on this website. According to him, while 'human life' is measured in 7 (7 year) cycles, 'spiritual' is defined as one cycle. You spend significant portion of life 'learning'. You, then, move to the next cycle on a 'new path'.

Final thoughts!

I know what I have been through over the past 6 years of 'awakening' and the time before that. I've no qualms in saying 'This isn't an easy path of learning who you are and then doing what you were meant to do!' 😀 Life is not easy and it's not going to be easy irrespective of what 'path' you decide to take. 'Spirituality' fills the person up with an 'unbridled optimism'. You start to feel extremely positive about the future and it's an amazing feeling. But, then you have to go out and fight your battles.

I agree for most part that 'thoughts shape reality!' This is exactly why we need to be cognizant of our thoughts as 'actions have consequences' but I also believe certain aspects of life are 'predetermined' through 'Fate & Destiny'. This doesn't mean 'everyone' chooses to follow 'the path' set out for them. In such instances, people may encounter more challenges and 'Fate' become an unknown factor!

I don't consider myself 'most evolved' yet but l have changed quite a lot over the past 6 years. 'Awakening' has taught me many things. I wish it had happened for me earlier but then 'everything happens @the right time'.

I've learnt 'Universe holds the ultimate power'. There are 'natural laws' that govern us. These 'laws' don't always work out in our favor all the time. This is the part 'human brain plays into and revolts against' anytime things go haywire in our lives. The trick is understand 'natural (spiritual) laws' and learn to live within them. Some people may opt to 'tinker with them in order to test 'new limits' but the bill always comes due'. Universe holds the power to 'change life (experiences) with the flick of few parameters'.

I don't believe you've be 'Destiny 9' to see 'repeat numbers'. This help is accessible to anyone who 'wishes' it. I have heard of stories of people around the world experiencing this 'phenomenon'. Same numbers can hold different meanings for different people. It's all about who chooses to 'notice' them and follow their own 'intuition' to understand the meaning behind them.

Follow your heart and intuition....Connect the dots in the past....Arrive @the destiny!

If you have 'a life' where despite your best efforts things don't pan out, I recommend venturing into the world 'astrology and numerology' with the caveat that what you 'discover' may not be all that 'pleasant'. It can be jarring experience for the 'human brain'. Learn to stay positive and motivated. Keep plowing ahead and you should come out just fine.

As it stands today, I realize 'purpose of spiritual awakening is to enlighten humans ('wisdom') on past and present events of life and guide them into the future'. Mind will fight 'change' with any wrongdoing from the past. This turns into a battle of 'wisdom of logic' v/s the 'wisdom of the heart' and a test of belief in the 'Higher Power'. 'Spiritual Awakening' through 'repeat numbers' is a 'PROCESS OF ENLIGHTENMENT' that leads to DESTINY, NIRVANA and HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

According to Aliza Kelly, '9 must constantly remember to anchor itself. 9 must learn to balance the abstract with the tangible, ultimately finding its place at the intersection of fantasy and reality'.

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