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How to forgive someone after they've hurt you?


It's hard to forgive someone after they have hurt you (easier said than done) but remember "experiences are arranged @the Soul level". Think of your life as a movie where various people are playing out different characters in you life story. They are trying to teach you a lesson. Some may play role of a good character and some bad but they are all playing out their part. 


I don't believe everything we experience in day to day life was arranged @the Soul level. But I do believe in "Karma". If we do good, it counts as "Good Karma". If we do bad, it becomes "Bad Karma". Sooner or later, we have to pay for our sins ("Bad Karma") in this life or the next. That's why, it's important for us to treat others with the same respect and dignity as we'd like them to treat us.

We have two explanations for when someone commits a wrong act

  1. Think of it as your own mistake (or sin) from the past life that came to 'haunt' you in this life.

  2.  An immoral act by others in this life.

Take the "High road'. Forgive them and move on. Let the Universe be the judge of their action.

Don't let mind play into your pain or hurt. Mind associates pain/hurt with "bad experience" and will react in a negative manner. Soul sees it as just another "experience". Once you think like that, then forgiveness becomes easier.

Universe reflects back on us what we put out there. If we send positive vibes, the Universe responds to us with kindness and generosity. If we put out bad vibes, the same gets reflected back @us.

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