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Application for Numerology

To treat issues related to anxiety, depression, sadness or insomnia etc.


In 1969, American existential psychologist Rollo May wrote in his book "Love and Will" that “depression is the inability to construct a future”. It's every bit true. Imagine everything you ever wanted shows up in your life one day and calls itself "life" then just as you start believing in it, it's all gone. Suddenly it becomes very difficult to imagine a future and that's "depression".

I went through something similar that lasted over a decade. What brought me out was constant exposure to these numbers.

I've a Bachelor in Physics and MS in Computer Science. I dropped out of MS (Physics) because I didn't see much of a future in theoretical physics without a PHD. I didn't want to keep studying for another 7-10 years. In stead, I opted for MS in Computer Science. My mind only works in pure math and science. I am not much a religious person and I didn't know anything about spirituality until I went through what I understand now as "Spiritual Awakening" . I hadn't heard of field called Numerology or spent any serious time reading about astrology until I began to see these numbers.


I know scientific community won't place much faith in something pseudoscientific like Numerology but having spent a little over 4 years into it, I believe there's definitely something out there. This is 2022 and I am beginning to feel like 2007 again where I was engaged in "real world" things. From what I understand, this nature's help is available to everyone but few of us try to explore it, acknowledge it or place any faith in it.

Paying close attention to constant display of numbers has helped me understand myself better, my nature, my personality, the right career path, what would make me happy and create a life that I should have created. I say this because in todays' information age, we are bombarded with so much stuff (some good and some not so good), we find ourselves overwhelmed with what others think or expect from us. And, as we get busy trying to fit into the society and meet everyone's expectations, we end up losing ourselves. Losing oneself leads to issues related to sadness, anxiety, insomnia or worse depression. 

Who we are and what's our Life purpose is in our heart/ soul. No offence, but family members, relatives, friends or others can not provide us with that information.

Even if you don't see these numbers, you can always do simple math and find if you are following the right life path or if you are on the path to fulfill your destiny? If you look @all Life path and Destiny numbers, they all convey the same meaning "Help others in some way and spread positivity because what you put out in the Universe returns back you (Law of Karma)". And it all starts with quality of "our thoughts".

Remember, "Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become character and character become Destiny". This is why it's so important to have positive thoughts at all times. I know it's easier said than done (I am human like everyone else). But if we can just start small and change "one not so positive thought" into a "positive thought" and be help to someone, we can start changing the world in a big ways. Trust me, it'll all add up in the end. It'll not only help reduce stress but also stress related issues like I mentioned @ the top.

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