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Angel Numerology (Messages)

Angel Numerology is a way for Angels or "Our higher self" to communicate with us.

Child on the Bed

I started to see "Angel Numbers" in Nov' 2017 and quickly observed

  1. A direct co-relation between received messages and heart's desires.                                                                

  2. Angels understand the difference between 'desires that make us happy'  versus our wishes.                                                                                                        

    • Angels want us to focus on "what makes us happy (needs)" and not worry about "what we want". "What we want" will get manifested in our life in due time.                                                                            

    • I come from the world of high tech product development. When we define a product, we list a "set of features" that make up the initial product. Of course, sales/marketing and customers expect "every other" feature in the product from day1 but we live in a world of "finite" resources, hence, end up prioritizing a list of "must have features". Rest of the features end up in a bucket called "nice to have". They get prioritized overtime under constraints of time/money/ engineering resources. This happens in conjunction with as we continue to receive new customer requests. Angels want us to focus on "must have" and not worry about the rest.                                                                                                                    

  3. Angels "never give up" and they don't  "negotiate". It's like they have a "blue print" of the "right path" and they want us to walk in it. Every time, my mind starts to wander in a "different direction", I receive spiritual "guidance" in the form of "repeating" numbers or a song (on the radio) or a you-tube music video or something else. I say "repeating" numbers because I still debate on the "future direction for life".                                                                                                

  4. Angels do not want us to give up on "dreams" irrespective of the "challenges". Their is a path of Heart/Soul/Intuition. Mind's job is to focus on the "Heart's desire's". Let's say you followed your heart and things didn't work out, that doesn't mean you give up on your heart. Think of it as if there was some lesson to be learnt. You go back to white board, keep "Goals/desires" the same, change something else and refocus your mind on the goals.                                                                                                                                                

  5. Angels path is a path of "Peace, Harmony, Destiny, Karma and Forward movement" while observing "Natural Spiritual Laws of the Universe". Mind may not always do that.                                                                                                                                                                          

  6. I am not an expert on "Spiritual Awakening" but believe Spiritual Awakening could mean "end of a cycle of Life" and beginning of "new". In my particular case, all messages added up to "let go of the past. Learn from mistakes and start a new cycle on a "new path"". The "new" path is the path of "higher self (my soul's purpose and mission)" as defined by "Life Path and Destiny Numbers"". My mind had a hard time understanding any of it because of the life it had created. Mind doesn't understand "cycles of life" or knows anything about "previous life or lives". Doesn't know about "Karmic debt if any". I am no expert on "previous life" but know enough to say "It's ok if we don't understand everything". Sometimes, we just have to accept things which we don't understand. Let go and move on.                                                                                                                                             

  7.  Understand difference between "Mind's purpose" and "Soul's purpose". We are the creator of our own lives and we do that by looking outwards. What we need to do is to look inside and make sure it's the right direction for us. If we create a life by checking with our "higher self/soul" then we'll be ok. But, what if, we just blindly follow others and never listened to our inside? We may end up creating a life our soul may not agree with and end up with a crisis @later time in our life (happens to be in my case).                                                                                                                      

  8. When I was 18-19 years old, I remember a person visiting our house. He looked @my palm and predicted three things all of which ended up coming true later in my life. It's true, I didn't listen to my heart when I moved to CA long time ago but I listened to it and moved back to New England 4 years later. I tried to create myself a "balanced" life  based heart/soul/intuition but was unsuccessful and my spiritual awakening didn't happen until 2017. My mind questions if "thoughts shape reality" and since I listened to my heart/soul/intuition, I shouldn't have failed (analytical mind)😁 and met a different "Fate"?                                                                                    

  9. I believe I was in "some cycle of life" where things were just not going to work out until 2017. That's when I had spiritual awakening and was shown I was entering a "new cycle" of life. I am on the right path (heart's path) and even though this current path hadn't worked out in two decades but this time, continue my journey pursuing "soul's purpose rather than head".                                                                                                                                                                            

  10. At birth, my Life path and Destiny Numbers were"3/3" which equates to "The Great Communicator with destiny to motivate, inspire, heal and uplift people" (Life Path and Destiny number sections). With name change my new Life Path and Destiny numbers changed to "3/9" which equates to "The Great Communicator whose destiny is to reach highest state of consciousness and teach others how to reach this spiritual awareness". How'd a person who isn't much religious attain higher state of consciousness without some sort of awakening?                                                                                                                                                

  11. Most people experience spiritual awakening while going through some sort of trauma/crisis or serious imbalance in their life. My crisis was complete "disconnect of mind from heart" in 2017. I was shown through spiritual awakening "who I was" and my Life Path and Destiny numbers were revealed to me. I was then asked to create a "new life knowing who I was @the soul level in this new cycle of life". Universe was communicating to me to  "Create a Life of my dreams by aligning myself with my higher self (true self)". 

As you go over this website, you'll read things like "Thoughts shape reality. Life is what we create. Life is an extension of ourselves. Follow your heart/soul/intuition and create a life of your dreams".


Who we are is in our heart/soul. What if, we don't create a life that's based on heart/soul? We are bound to have problems in our life. I'd add to it by saying that, in the end, we are bound by "our Fate/ Destiny".

My mind decided to  "disassociate" from "heart/soul and intuition" in Nov'17. I experienced "Spiritual Awakening" so that  I'd "reconnect" with my heart, refocus mind and create a life that's in alignment with my heart's desires by pursuing soul's purpose (easier said then done!). I'll touch more on this topic in various "Angel Number Sections", especially "Triple Digit Angel Messages", and "why" I saw them. I'll also discuss some of it in "Numerology: Treatment for Depression" section. I recommend you start with my blog on "Destiny/Fate" and then read through "Triple Digit Messages 444, 666 & 777" first. Those four will put everything else in perspective😁😁

Think of this website as "collection of resources" that helped me through difficult phase in my life Or you can think of it as wisdom I acquired (was pointed to) during my "Spiritual Awakening" over the past 4 and 1/2 years. I'll be enhancing and modifying "website content" as I better my understanding of Numerology and Astrology in the future

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