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Angel Numbers: Why do we see ‘repeat’ numbers?

Angel Numbers!

'Angel Numbers' are a belief or idea that the Divine, Angels, God, Universe, or however, you wish to call a Higher Power, communicate with us through messages. These messages are delivered through numbers, objects, synchronized events, feathers, etc. Though every message is delivered in a unique way to each person, Angel Numbers may consist of a repetition of your favorite numbers.

Why do people we see 'repeat numbers'?

Universe understands 'thoughts shape reality and actions have consequences!' The Universe reads human thoughts and delivers an appropriate message. It urges us to align our thoughts with the universe.

Who are you guys?....

Mind likes to stay in the 'comfort zone'. This could be result of 'years and years' of conditioning, social pressure or just comfort of doing the same thing over and over again. I began to see 'repetitive numbers' as I was about to embark on a 'change' which involved move back to California. It somehow was not seen as the 'correct step forward' for me. I've discussed reasons of why universe would see it that way in other blogs. This is the part one has to figure out on their own and it's not going to be easy.

'Spiritual Awakening' through use of repetitive numbers becomes a major 'disturbing force' for the mind, especially, when 'thoughts get misaligned from the universe'.

What's happening to me? ....

Six years ago when 'my mind/ (thoughts)' had decided on a move back to California in pursuit of career with thoughts 'moving away' from the desires of the heart, universe through use of repetitive numbers pointed to end of a cycle and beginning of the new on a 'new path'. The 'new path' was to stay on the 'path of the heart' and move to the 'soul's purpose'.

Why are you trying to help me? ....

People see 'repeat numbers' as 'changing mind' is not an easy thing. It takes time before one begins to differentiate between the 'thoughts in the head' versus 'what universe is trying to tell us through use of 'repeat numbers' which happens to be in sync with our own intuition'. According to numerologists, 'everything is energy'. Every time thoughts try to create reality, there's shift in our energy. Universe can sense that!

If your life is 'controlled by the universe', it'll interject and 'direct you to a different path'. This can be confusing for 'human mind'. 'Human mind' makes decisions based on 'logical reasoning but mind becomes illogical when it gets out of sync from the desires of the heart'. Universe senses that and points the person right back on to the 'path of the heart'.

My decision of moving back to California in 2017 was in 'reaction to circumstances and how everything had just gone wrong for me'. My mind wanted to move back to CA (save career) and get a 'fresh start'. This doesn't make 'my thoughts' wrong as most people of certain 'age' would make that decision. The same is true about 'my thoughts' (not being wrong) when I wanted to stay in New England little over two decades ago but some cosmic intervention resulted in move to CA. This initial move to California became the reason for 'misalignment of the heart from the mind' that ties well into 'angel message 666'. According to 'Angel Message 666' if thoughts get misaligned from the heart, person will have to 'start over'.

Universe sensed my 'thoughts' @the end of 2017. It, in stead 'directed' me towards 'higher purpose (/soul's purpose)' and end 'period of misalignment'. As I look back @my life, it seems everything that's happened to me so far has gone according to the plan of the universe as defined by my day of birth, life path and destiny numbers irrespective of 'my best efforts to create a different reality'.

Awakening @the end of 2017, started period of massive 'confusion in my mind against 'the will' of the universe'. It showed how 'we don't control much in life' (You may have to read other blogs to understand things fully. I didn't want to repeat everything here as it'd make this blog too big to read).

The Great differentiator...

Universe decision of directing me to my 'higher (soul) purpose' takes into account 'day of birth, life path, destiny and other factors' as defined @the time of my birth. My 'mind' while making decisions does not consider any of those factors into the 'equation'.

Finding 'The New Path'!

It can be an arduous experience. You will have to look @all the numbers (over and over again!). Look for the common denominator. Research for 'repeat numbers' on the 'net'. Buy a book or two. Connect 'wisdom embedded in numbers' with your own past life experiences (I've discussed this quite extensively in other blogs). The hardest challenge is to get mind to agree with this experience. It's hard because 'one has to teach mind to accept there's someone out there (higher power) that understands things better than itself'.

Spiritual Awakening!

It's is a 'two part' process. Awakening through 'repetitive numbers' (known as 'angel numbers) not only explains reasons behind different events of a life but also leads to the 'new path'. This happens in parallel as mind constantly fights the 'change'. It refuses to 'relinquish control'. It takes time to 'align' with the universal energies and, even then, it's not an easy 'path'.

The 'change' may be as simple as replacing 'current thoughts' with the 'new thoughts' acquired as a result of 'awakening'. At that point, it's no longer a 'small change' for the 'mind' as it requires mind to 'redo' an entire life. Mind will fight like 'hell'. It's like saying an 'entire life until that moment was wrong or in preparation for something larger'!

'Repeat numbers' pointed me towards 'soul's purpose to inspire, motivate, heal and uplift people as a result of (new) thoughts acquired through spiritual awakening'. It may sound simple but gets really complicated based on personal situations.

'Repeat numbers' are still a mystery to my 'mind'. It's not just the 'repetitive nature' of it all every time 'mind needs guidance' as thoughts get misaligned from the universe. My employee number @the new job is '444'.

Astrology, Numerology & 'The Doubts'!

Numerology consists of digits '0 through 9'. Rest is just some compilation of various digits. Astrologers & Numerologists explain meaning of every digit and then write about single digit (0,1,2,3..), two digits (11,22,33,12 ..etc.), three digit (111,222,333, 123, 456 and so on) and four digit combinations (1111, 2222,1010,1212.. etc.). According to my 'scientific' mind, it's easy to write about different combinations once individual digits have been defined and, then, add it to what numerologists predict @the time of our birth. This translates into the field of 'numerology'.

What baffles my mind is who or what 'displays /relays)' these messages? Psychics refer to it by the names such as 'angels/ universal energies or higher self'.

Day of birth, Life Path and Destiny Numbers!

I was born on 'March 29th as an 'Aries' with Life path and destiny numbers 3/3'. But soon after birth, my destiny got changed to '9' due to name change at a very young age (people interested in learning about 'life path and/or destiny numbers' can read all about them under the 'purpose of life' section on this website). According to book by Hans Decoz & Tom Monte '(Numerology: The key to your inner self)', person day of birth indicates some special talent ('awakening' in my case?) My 'life path= 3 implies creativity, communication and connecting with people'.

It goes very well with 'repetitive numeric messages 420 and 710'.

My destiny of '3/9 calls out to inspire, motivate, heal and uplift people. To achieve higher state of consciousness and teach others how to achieve this'.

Achieving Destiny '9' as explained above would require some divine intervention, especially, if the person isn't much religious.

In the world of numerology, '9 stands for an end of cycle, destiny, karma, lightwork/ spiritual path'. 9 is followed by 1 ('new beginning/ passion') meaning during some point in life, person will experience an 'end of cycle/ awakening'. Awakening becomes the 'new path' and leads right into the destiny.

According to Hans Decoz and Tom Monte 'day of birth (29) forecast' under 'purpose of life' section of this website 'Look for ways to help others and convey larger message of harmony and insight with which you're blessed'. This leads to 'manifestation' (entirely different (start over!) from what I did for a living)😀

What if I am not ready?...

No one ever is... We don't get to choose our time...

Two ways to create life!

(1) Following own 'heart/soul/intuition' (or using astrology/ numerology charts @time of birth). This 'model/ angel way' requires 'mind to focus on fulfilling heart's desires'. Decisions are made in the 'heart/ soul'.

(2) Following one's mind looking outwards (could lead to an 'unbalanced life!). In this model, decisions get made in the 'head'.

A 3rd scenario ('spiritual awakening') is where 'awakening leads to new path'....

Variables defined @the time of birth (day of birth, life path and destiny numbers) mean nothing unless they are backed by 'real world experiences for the soul to grow'. It is during 'this learning through real world experiences (part), one has to teach mind to stay calm'. This begs the question if the sole purpose of 'human life is for soul to evolve'?

Is 'life predetermined'?

Psychics believe 'life is predetermined!' It's 'numbers like day of birth, life path, destiny, heart's desire or personal year' that explain a life. I am a man of math & science (Bachelor in Physics and MS in Computer Science). I had never placed too much emphasis on fields like 'astrology or numerology'. I didn't even know of 'numerology' until my experience with 'numeric patterns called angel numbers'😀 It's quite astonishing to see what psychics say to be so true... 'how much broad parameters of life get predetermined before our birth'! It's hard for my 'human mind to accept' that universe can actually 'change/ define an entire life' with the flick of few parameters 🙏

Should life be predetermined? I understand we are all born on certain day/time under some sign with various parameters that define/ dictate different experiences of our human life. I feel, universe should make adjustments according to 'human behavior / actions' during course of a lifetime. This'll help cut down all the 'record keeping' associated with 'concept of karmic debt'. This last part assumes humans learn from their mistakes and take 'correct steps' in life.

Most people live life with 'some level of balance' as described in the 'balancing mind, body and soul' article under the 'purpose of life' section of this website when it comes to them. They switch to the 'head' (with little or no balance) when it comes to make decisions about others and end up gathering 'good/bad Karma (debt)'. What if universe starts to reward/ punish good/bad behavior @the time of the deed? We may end up creating a better world!

Final thoughts!

Few last thoughts before I wrap up this blog..

(1) If you experience 'spiritual awakening', you'll go through a 'period of isolation' where you'll be 'lost' for a while. You'll loose interest in things you once loved. You'll loose friends (maybe even family!). It's all about 'finding yourself!'

(2) You'll experience extreme 'highs and lows' and no control whatsoever over your emotions. Awakening works like an 'adrenaline rush'. Age doesn't matter! It'll make you believe anything is possible. 'Human mind' probably needs this 'constant influx of positive thoughts' when it gets trapped in 'very dark places in the head and can't see the light'.

(3) You may even experience 'body pain' when you don't heed to 'intuition/ guidance'. I remember having extreme pain in my right arm @the start of my 'awakening'. It lasted close to 3 months. My PCP (doctor) couldn't find anything wrong with me. He recommended 'pain killers' but I never took them.

As mentioned earlier, I started to witness 'numeric patterns' @the end of 2017. I'd wake up in the middle of the night with time on the clock as 11:11 or 1:23 or 2:34, 2:22 or 3:33. The numbers followed me everywhere during the day (work, grocery stores or driving etc.) and in the night. My initial reaction was to ignore them. Things have changed a lot since then. Frequency of messages has gone down quite a bit. Maybe, because, I am more tuned into them now than ever before. Every time I see a number, I know what the number is trying to tell me (I, no longer, have to search for it's meaning on my laptop or on the iPhone). Is this what people say 'to listen to what the universe is trying to tell you? Or when the destiny calls out to us?'

'Spiritual Awakening', although informative, is a difficult process and comes at a cost. You'll come out stronger than ever before and depending on personal situation may face tough decisions about the 'future direction of the life!' People with 'life Path/ Destiny 3/9' tend to have highly complicated lives. What boggles my mind is universe can actually create such complicated life? Psychics believe in 'surrendering to the universal forces' as the only logical choice.

It's amazing to see how 'Life' can take you for a ride (/detour), meet back again after decades and say 'take this path and you are out'! This led to the birth of 2 years ago🙏

Angel Message 55: Nothing happens by a chance. Everything happens for a reason..

Spirituality 'A State of the mind'!

If you allow 'spirituality' to enter in your life, it'll reveal a completely different side of your life (Universe has a plan for you. It's called the 'destiny'). Life gets summarized into 'Fate and Destiny'. Fate is 'set of experiences' that lead to the destiny. Spirituality is 'the end and the beginning'! You're asked to leave the 'past (/life)' behind (family/friends and co-workers etc.) with no regrets and move onto the real purpose of life called the 'destiny'.

Spirituality operates (/solves problems) on a 'higher plane (soul)' than what 'human mind' can comprehend. In my experience, spirituality is 'train of thoughts that does not change'. Make sure not to get 'stuck in state of an endless debate between'human mind' and the spirituality'. Spirituality reveals our 'true self' and asks us to create a 'new life' by knowing who we are @the soul level. You won't get there w/o putting some 'serious thought' into it. Creating life around 'soul' leads to a 'soul centered life'.

Long time ago when I was pursuing Master's in Physics, I found class in 'quantum mechanics' to be the hardest since proving 'math theorams' involved solving problems containing 'loops within the loops (nested loops)'. It was 'mind shattering experience'. 'Human Life' feels the same way with career (loop), friends (loop), family (loop) and relatives (loop). Any time 'a loop' breaks, human mind gets 'trapped' in that loop. Spiritually (or religion) encompass 'life and all it's loops'. The trick is realize answer to 'loop of life' lay within 'the loop of spirituality'. If you can solve 'the loop of spirituality', then, you can get out.

Last but not least... According to Aliza Kelley 'destiny '9' must learn to balance the abstract with the tangible, ultimately finding its place at the intersection of fantasy and reality'.

If your destiny happens to be '3/9', you'll go through some very difficult experiences. 'Trust' becomes a big issue. We live in a very 'cynical' world but not being able to 'trust' is a sad way to live a life. I intend to 'change' that. I didn't know I had a 'destiny'. Numeric patterns called 'Angel Numbers' have not only guided me to it but also are helping me fulfill it.

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