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Spiritual Awakening, Life Purpose & Lightwork!

As I began my 'Spiritual Awakening' 4 1/2 years ago (and continue to this day), 'messages' kept telling me "I need to find my true Purpose of Life". It took about 4 months but I figured it out. My "Purpose of Life" is to 'Serve humanity'. In that same 'exact' moment just as I realized my "Higher Purpose', my 'mind' waged "WAR" on me and has shown no signs of letting up yet. Why? Because, 'Spiritual Awakening' threatened to destroy 'the life' my mind/ego had created for itself. My mind decided for it to "Survive", it had to take "Spirituality" down as "Spirituality" tries to take my 'old self' out. That's "Spiritual Awakening!" and here I am, smack in the middle, of it! (Please refer to Melanie's article on "Lightwork" on this website.)

What is 'Spiritual Awakening' and why is it so 'Painful'?

Spiritual Awakening is about realizing your 'soul's purpose on earth'. The process of 'awakening' feels like 'detoxification'.

I don't smoke. I rarely drink (maybe once in 5-10 years). I've never done drugs before in my life but have seen movies where they show people go through "detoxification" to get toxic substances out of their system. Spiritual Awakening feels just like that. It's like you are very very sick, completely broken, your soul can't take it anymore and cries out for help. Help comes in the form of "Spiritual Awakening". You go through the process of 'cleansing' and are "put together" with "new purpose and mission in life".

"Spiritual Awakening is not usually pleasant. Often, it feels like confusion, frustration, anger, sadness, grief, or being "out of place". Spiritual Awakening can be uncomfortable and challenging because it's an intense time of personal growth. But, despite how difficult it may feel, you're not going crazy; you are evolving".

Let me tell you why it feels this way..

You feel 'confused' because spiritual awakening is about 'aligning' yourself with "soul's purpose" and wave 'goodbye' to your current life. Universe tells you to "STOP" whatever you are doing, get in with the program and create 'new life with a new purpose'. Universe doesn't care about your career, title or package (salary + bonus + stock options). It wants you to "STOP", align yourself with 'the Universal Mind' and move forward in the 'right direction'. This is very confusing for the 'human' mind.

You feel 'frustrated' because your mind can't believe everything you ever worked for is being thrown out the window. Your 'mind together with your ego' get in the way and refuse to accept the 'new reality'.

Your mind feels 'angry' and tries to take 'spirituality' down. Deep inside you know "spiritual awakening is a blessing (like detoxification)" but you feel 'sad' because you know your "old self (ego)" has to die for "new (soul)" to be born (or to grow).

Sadness turns to 'grief' and 'prolonged grief into depression'. Your entire world collapses. You feel "out of place".

Pain killers and sleep aids don't work.

Numerology (Life Path & Destiny Numbers), Divine (/Angel) Messages and Life Purpose!


Numerology is 'pseudoscientific' belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. Purpose of 'Numerology' is to make people aware of who or what they are, their strengths/weaknesses, professions/relationships they should 'pursue' and careers/ relationships they should avoid.

Based on 'standard numerology (no divine messages here)', my "Life Path & Destiny Numbers" (3/9) tell me to "inspire, motivate, heal and uplift people/ to reach higher state of consciousness and show others how to reach theirs". 'Life Path Number' is derived from the birthdate and 'Destiny Number' from the name (please refer to 'Life Path and Destiny Number' sections on this website!).

Be aware, all 'Life Path & Destiny Numbers' have 'negative connotations' too. If you happen to fall on the wrong side of the things, it can get very messy in a hurry. The goal of 'numerology' is to understand both positive and 'not so positive' aspects of your personality. This way, one can focus on the 'positives' and get rid of the 'negatives'.

Divine (/Angel Messages):

Angel Numbers are comprised of 10 digits (0-9). It's that 'simple' (or that's how I understand it!). Individual digits are, then, combined to form "Angel Messages".

I see lot of 'Angel Numbers' (they are listed under the article "Numerology" on this website). They all convey the same meaning of "to serve humanity" in some shape or form.

Divine Message 1111 says "You can make positive difference in the lives of many or change the world for just one person". Angel Number 710 says "When you open yourself up to the higher power (soul) within you and openly allow that higher power to guide your life, you connect with your inner-awareness and make changes to your life that serve your higher purpose ('soul purpose'). You begin to understand that within you, you have this powerful creative energy that you can use to create your realities and transform your life (and the lives of others) in positive and uplifting ways".

This particular situation is an example where one has to use his/her own 'intuition', connect with Universe/divine/Angel "messages' and ask oneself if I were to follow the 'path of my mind' and not heart/ divine message, am I headed in the right direction? Would "path of mind' lead to happiness? In the end, it's all about peace, harmony and satisfaction.

Life Purpose (Lightwork):

(From the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life!) "Each man's life touches so many other lives..."

If you look @my "Life Purpose derived from Life Path/ Destiny Number (3/9) using standard numerology" and compare it "Divine/Angel Messages", they add up to be the same. This website is designed to serve '(3/9)' soul purpose. This is 'one way' I intend to serve my "Life Purpose". Melanie in her article on "Lightwork" on this website describes 11 types of Lightworkers. One of them is called "Messenger". According to her, Messengers are the Lightworkers who receive 'these' messages. This website is my "Lightwork!".

I have spoken to a number of people regarding this 'phenomenon'. Lot of people see 'repeating numbers'. It's just that while some choose to acknowledge it, others write them off as mere coincidence. Spiritual Awakening, as mentioned earlier, is not easy.

Putting it all together!

In the world of Spirituality, it takes 'time' to figure things out. 'Patience' is the key.

As you try to understand divine messages (or phenomenon), your mind gets in the way. It's not easy to teach 'mind' to 'forgive'. Mind doesn't understand simple things like "it could be bad Karma" that came to 'haunt' us in this life. Spirituality with 'Angel Message 77' solved that! Universe makes it simple by summarizing everything under the umbrella of "Cycle of Life & Soul to Grow". It tells you 'to leave the mistakes of the past behind' and move 'forward' to the "New Cycle of Life with New Mission (3/9) and New Thoughts!".

Mind is a different matter. It's 'not' easy for mind to "write-off' an entire life and go in a completely new direction (Messages 111, 123, 1234 & 234) with a new purpose (55, 1111, 777, 888 & 999). That's why "few" people choose to do it while others find it 'hard' to 'pursue' (Dimitry in "Cycle of Life" article on this website talks about it). If "Spiritual Awakening" happens in the early years of one's life (under the age of 20), it becomes easier to incorporate "teachings" and create the right life from the start. On the other hand, if "Spiritual Awakening" happens between the ages of 35-50, it can get challenging as most people are married by then, have kids, car loans and house mortgage etc. It can become very difficult to "drop everything" and 'start over'.

Universe, through messages, communicates 'new thoughts/ new pathways and new solutions' to current challenges in our lives. We need to have an "open mind' to be able to receive them. I don't know 'who or what it is', but they have 'patience', are 'always positive' and don't 'give up'. I don't see numbers when my mind is in a 'peaceful state'. I only see them when my mind starts to 'wander' and tries to take me in a direction Universe considers 'undesirable'. It's like they can read your mind.

Applying this to 'my' situation...

If decision was left up to my mind 'alone', I'll be on a first flight to Silicon Valley but (and this is a big "BUT'), the moment I introduce 'heart/soul, teachings (messages) and 'Balance Mind, Body and Soul' article' into the 'equation' (remember, I am a math person😁), it becomes hard to follow my mind. This scares 'my mind' because it means I may have to 'start over' as I face an 'uncertain' future.

Universe considers 'path of heart the right path'. The Universe wants to put 'heart' @the center of everything we do including the life we create for ourselves. Why? Because while mind may 'fluctuate' from situation to situation, heart remains the 'same'.

Final thoughts...

We can never do 'enough good' in the world. Help wherever and whenever you can (that should be the motto. That's Lightwork!). Who knows stuff mentioned here (in the blogs or on the website) may end up helping someone somewhere! In the end, we are here to help each other.

People with "Destiny 9' go through some extreme experiences in their life (all "Lightworkers" do. Please Bethany's article on 'Lightwork' on this website). But they are more resilient than the others and are able to bounce back from any setbacks. Mind wants to stay in it's "comfort zone' (career, money etc.). Mind plays into the emotions of doubts and fear (sometimes doubts are not all wrong. I don't know of other websites but believe one should pay attention to them. However, the final decision should not lead to 'path of unhappiness').

Sometimes, the Universe will 'interject' and ask us to take a 'risk' and 'start over' in a "new direction" (in my case, it happens to be 'path of humanitarian effort'). This website is an "effort' in that direction (BTW, Destiny Number '9' is all about 'letting go of the past' and starting on a 'new path').

In both 'numerology' and "angel messages' model, number '9' indicates 'completion of cycle or block of learning'. '9' destiny/ expression number (in numerology) suggests that you have reached the point at which a breakthrough can occur; during this lifetime you can apply all that you have learned along your evolutionary path and complete a major stage in your development. In 'angel messages' model, Angel Number 9 is a sign from the Angels that your life path and soul mission involve being of service to humanity through the use of your 'natural skills and talents'. Angel Number 9 suggests that you are a natural lightworker and encourages you to look to ways to serve others in positively uplifting ways.

Universe wants us to create 'happy, balanced & harmonious' life for ourselves and help others do the same. Universe knows it all begins with the 'quality of our thoughts'. Universe wants us to pay attention to our 'thoughts' as 'thoughts shape reality' (ours and that of people around us!). Remember, "thoughts become words, words - actions, action - habits, habits - character and character - destiny". In short, Universe wants us to 'understand the consequences of our actions'. Good thoughts lead to good outcomes and good "Karma'. Bad thoughts lead to bad outcomes and bad 'Karma'.

Spirituality encourages us to 'manifest success' both @the 'spiritual and material planes'. In other words, 'co-create with the universe and make world a better place' (Angel Number 333).

One last thing... according to Universe "Time is a relative thing. Anything can happen @Anytime"😁

So, how do we get from 'where we are' to where "spirituality" wants to take us?

  1. Surrender your Ego!

  2. Study and Practice! (and your power will rise)😁😁

"Spirituality" is not an "easy path". It helps create a 'better world' but requires massive 'structural' changes in how we live and build our lives (Refer to "Balancing Mind, Body and Soul" article).

@Times the engineer inside me questions the Divine on "Why not 'change' the DNA (software) code inside the human body so that it goes to Heart (by default) for decision making in stead of Head then we won't have all these problems?" I haven't received the answer yet.

"Spirituality" is a heart/ intuition based model with 'multiple' meanings for any 'one' thing (check out Angel Numbers 1..9. each number has 20 meanings or more😁😁). You have to use your own 'intuition' to figure out what a particular 'message (two, three or four digit)' means to you.

Mind, on the other hand, is "Scientific & Logical". It works with 'Facts (what you can see!)' based model.

Seeing is believing but then sometimes..

Just remember...

There are 'multiple paths' through life. "Each Path" offers multiple ways to 'Serve humanity'. You can choose 'the path' you are comfortable with or opt to pursue 'more than one'. The choice is yours!

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