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Destiny/Fate: When Universe speaks...Are we controlled by the 'Fate' or Can we alter our 'Destiny'?

If we are bound by our Destiny & Fate then does it even matter if we follow the path of "Wisdom of Logic or the Wisdom of Heart"?

People who may not know the difference between "Wisdom of Logic vs Wisdom of Heart", I suggest please read article on "Cycles of Life" under "Purpose of Life" section on this website.

I have touched on my life experiences in different sections on this website but thought it'll be a good idea to summarize it under one article.

"Cycles of Life" article talks about choice of "Wisdom of Logic vs Wisdom of Heart" as we "create our own Life". The basic difference between the two is as follows.

Wisdom of Heart:

"Wisdom of Heart" is all about making decisions in the "Heart and Soul using our own intuition and conscience". The basic premise behind the theory is that our heart/soul/intuition will never lead us on path of destruction. "Heart" will never tell us to do harm to anyone including ourselves.

The Universe is like a mirror. It reflects back on us what we put out there so if we do "good", good gets back reflected back on us. This is how we'll end up "creating" better future for ourselves.

Wisdom of Head:

"Wisdom of Head" leaves decision making to "Head". Head tends to be "selfish". When we make decisions in "head", we may not think of others or how our decisions may affect their lives? Hence, we may end up doing the "wrong thing".

If we do wrong, the Universe reflects back the same on us. This is how we end up "creating" chaos and destruction in our world.

This is me trying to put pieces together😁😁!

When I was 18 or 19 years old, I remember someone visiting our house. I was pursuing an undergrad in physics @that time. This person looked @my palm and predicted 3 things all of which ended up coming true later in my life.

I had Spiritual Awakening @the end of 2017. The Universe, over the next 4 months, threw lot of information @me. It seemed like Universe was "resetting" my entire life. I was experiencing what is called as an "End of a Cycle of Life" while I am still "alive". I believe "End of Cycle of Life" should coincide with "End of Life" because then when you are "born" again, you don't remember anything from the past "Life". "End of Cycle of Life" while you are still "alive" is a very painful experience. It's painful because "End" implies a "New Beginning" but as you enter "New Cycle of Life", "your mind" gets stuck in the past. The Universe tells you to "let go of the past entirely" and start new cycle with new everything (career, friends, life) but your head refuses to move on (a common problem for people with Life Path Number "3" (mine)).

I was being guided to "forgive myself and others" for past mistakes and start the new cycle as a "Spiritual being". BTW, we all are spirituals (we all have soul) but our purpose in life varies (I've discussed that in detail in different sections on this website). My "Life Path and Destiny" numbers were revealed to me and I was being asked to move towards "higher purpose of Life" which happens to be my soul's purpose of "motivating, inspiring, healing and uplifting people". And as I heal others, I'll find a way to heal myself.

People with life path number "3" have hard time letting of their past (that's me!) but people with destiny number "9", are considered "old souls". An "old soul" is someone who has traversed the "earth plane" many times before (in & out 😁😁) and will take me out of "stagnant state" of not being able to move forward to the next life. Guess what, my destiny number was changed from "3" to"9" with name change after birth (I've discussed that in other sections) but integration @subconscious level took decades.

I was explained a "misalignment" between my heart and mind which happened with move to California over two decades ago and that it was time to move away from it. This time, though, I should follow path of "my heart" and "not mind" and move towards my higher purpose (maybe start a heart based service as explained by Angel Numbers 99,999,999 and 420). Destiny number "9" implies a "Spiritual path" and a "Lightworker". If you read the article on "Light-working" on this website, you'll realize there are 11 types of Lightworkers. One of them is a "Messenger". Messengers are the people who see "numbers" and called to a "Purpose".

I also see other repeating numbers like 123, 1234, 777 etc. which imply a "new start". A "spiritual path" would be that "new path".

What I explained above is what I call the "Universe version of my Life story". Here's my version of it.

Although it's all true but "Fate" played a big part in all this. For example, it's true when I moved to California, my heart wasn't into it. In fact, I had a good job in NE and had begun a relationship. I didn't want to go to California but "Fate" had different plans and created a diversion which lead me on that path causing "misalignment" between heart and mind while introducing "great imbalance" in my life (Read about Angle Number '666' which says "You've entered a state of great imbalance in life and may have to start over'). If "Fate" wanted me to stay in NE, I'd have stayed here and created a "balanced" life for myself right here in NE.

One of the three things "palm reader" told me was that I'll go through serious breakup 'later' in my life.

It wasn't right time for me to 'start' life in NE.

I love "Silicon Valley" for the weather, technology entrepreneurship and the smartest people you'll ever meet but 'my heart" wanted New England way of life.

So, I listened to my heart/ soul and intuition and moved back to NE four years later in search of the so-called "balanced life". I didn't have any "Spiritual Wisdom" @that time (I was just following my 'Heart'). I didn't have any "Spiritual Awakening" four years earlier either when I was moving to CA. If I had "Spiritual Awakening" then, I'd have followed my heart/soul and intuition and not gone to California.

During the next decade or so, I tried to "create" a balanced life in NE, but, I was unsuccessful.

In fact, I went through serious breakup 10 years after my return from California.

Then around July/August of 2017 as I decided I had enough and that it was time for me to move back to Silicon Valley, I had "Spiritual Awakening". I was being told 'not' to follow the path of "head". In stead, "Let go of the past" and start the new cycle with new beginning.

For decades, I tried everything in my power to have a different "Fate" but didn't change "a thing". I found myself in 2017 what the man had predicted of me decades earlier.

My mind wants to go back to Silicon Valley as the current path (which happens to be the path of my "Heart") didn't pan out. "Fate", on the other hand, through use of numbers is guiding me to my destiny number "9 old soul" so I'd move way from the past and march forward towards my soul's purpose. Fate is urging me to restore "balance (mind, body and soul)" in my life (Angel number 222). Fate is telling me to "Start over '999' with 'completion of '666'").

The fact I experienced "this higher sate of consciousness through Spiritual Awakening", I could show the world how to achieve theirs ("Purpose of Destiny Number 9").

Irrespective of what has happened here (some might consider it bunch of coincidences), I, for one, believe in creation of life through "Wisdom of Heart" a better choice than "Wisdom of Head". "Wisdom of Heart" not only helps us create a better future for ourselves but also our next generations.

BTW, Dmitriy in "Cycles of Life" talks about finding "Purpose of Life" in the mid - early 40's. He discusses idea of some starting over in pursuit of their "Higher Purpose".

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