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Destiny Number 5

Your destiny is to effect "CHANGE" and show people how to live life to the maximum!

Destiny Number 5

The freewheeling 5 Destiny number pushes you toward a mission of adaptability, progress, freedom, and embracing the adventure of life. Freedom is the guiding force in your life. You are a pioneer, not as much in the sense of being driven towards something new, but more in the sense of never being quite satisfied with being at rest. You thrive on hands-on experience. You’re task is to develop your constructive use of freedom.

Your purpose is to embrace your sense of fearlessness and follow your curiosity to explore the world and offer your magnetic presence and gifts to those around you. Most often the 5 Destiny number is intelligent, philosophical, and spiritually minded.

You’re a natural salesperson when you’re dealing with something you believe in. This Destiny number leads you on a roller coaster, where life can feel as though it’s coming at you without a filter. Your destiny is one of liberation and freedom, no matter how you slice it.

If you find yourself on the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll do battle with self-absorption, paranoia, myopia, fearfulness, and emotional paralysis. Remember there’s truly nothing to fear but fear itself (thank you Franklin D. Roosevelt). 5s are also one of the Life Path numbers that are susceptible to substance abuse problems. You get into them out of curiosity and wanting to experience new things, but the costs aren’t worth it. Addiction is more restrictive than not trying something new.

You love change and risk, and are never comfortable with the idea of “settling down.” You often have difficulty committing, either to relationships, or to career goals. 5’s charisma and jet-setting style make you a very attractive potential partner, and you have no shortage of suitors. However, many 5s shy away from romance. You have a great fear of becoming attached to someone who you fear might drag you down. You don’t like the idea of being tied to another person or having to report how you spend your hours to a boss even less.

You can move through intimate relationships like you’re changing your socks. Your effect on other people can be baffling to you, as others might feel tricked or “played” by you, even when you’re simply moving to the beat of your own music. Your heightened self-centered emotionalism might also try your friendships and intimate relationships. You can swerve over into the “high maintenance” category with great ease, making your love relationships, family interaction, and friendships potentially exasperating to those on the other end of your relationship-pole.

Move forward, recalibrate yourself, and embrace positive change. Ultimately, your gift is showing others how to live fearlessly through your example. The key to your 5 Destiny is to work with boundaries and certain parameters or life could be chaotic and out of control.

You are extremely passionate about humanitarian causes, and are the most likely number to volunteer for projects abroad, like Habitat for Humanity, Farmers Helping Farmers, or even the Peace Corps. The desire for freedom that characterizes the destiny number 5 also encompasses a desire for freedom and righteousness for others. You are extremely passionate about humanitarian causes, and are the most likely number to volunteer for projects abroad, like Habitat for Humanity, Farmers Helping Farmers, or even the Peace Corps.

Your humanitarian streak is a very good thing, because you are excellent at persuading and motivating others. You’re good with both words and with rallying other people’s emotions. Make sure that you use this power for good!

5 can be a self-indulgent number, but in a way that only the most austere 4 could reasonably describe as selfish. You’re easily bored, and so, when you’re done with the bare bones of your responsibilities, you’re quick to rush off and do something fun, whether that’s jetting off for a weekend trip, or just trying to cook an exciting new meal.

5 can also be an incredibly creative sign – Vincent van Gough, Steven Spielberg, and Beyoncé are all 5s. If you are stuck in a situation where you don’t have as much freedom as you want, you can at least use art as an escape. It’s one field where you never need censor or restrain yourself.

You can be a salesperson, lawyer, politician or public relations person.


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