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Destiny Number 3

Your destiny is to inspire, motivate, heal, and uplift people!

Destiny Number 3

If you find you have a Destiny Number 3, you’re being called to inspire, heal, uplift, and energize others.

You are optimistic, inspiring, outgoing, and expressive. People see you as cheerful, positive, charming; your personality has a certain bounce and verve that so powerfully affects others that you can inspire people without effort. How you choose to express yourself varies with the individual, but destiny number 3s should have some form of creativity that conveys their feelings to the outside world.

All this upward energy is a symptom of your tremendous "creativity". You’re all about performance, however that manifests for you in your life. Your ultimate purpose comes through when you’re operating with a core sense of optimism, enthusiasm, compassion, and joy.

Some of the qualities you bring to the table are beauty, possible eccentricity, excitement, and fame. When you’ve tapped into your authentic sense of expression and then inspire others to use and express theirs, you’re fulfilling your life’s purpose. If you give up on your dreams and don’t use your talents creatively, you’ll battle with depression and find yourself traveling down other unsatisfying or destructive pathways. You must pursue your true calling, so make efforts to focus on what that is for you, believe in it and don’t be deterred from embracing it.

Often the 3 brings so many talents and ideas with it, it’s difficult to focus on just one, making procrastination or scattered focus a hurdle. You’ll be challenged with learning to identify and embrace your own emotional life and often will be most effective in helping yourself help others through your gift of words (both verbal and written), through your amazing sense of wit and humor, and by being lighthearted and a good communicator and listener. Your verbal skills may well lead you into the fields of writing, comedy, theater, and music. Yours is a number of self-expression, rich in imagination and spirit.

You might find challenges in the areas of emotional ups and downs, depression, or being judgmental and critical. You’ll also have a tendency to over-think just about everything, so schedule in brain-relaxation or you’ll go nuts. If you find that being onstage doesn’t feel natural to you, chances are this is the result of residual wounds from your childhood. Don’t resist your feelings; they offer you profound wisdom. Your 3 Destiny number calls you to express yourself and help others do the same in the most positive, funny, joyful way possible.

You always take the best possible view towards your fellow people. You can let a lot slide off your back, and aren’t much of one for holding a grudge, unless someone has really done you wrong. “Live for the moment” is your life motto – you are much more interested in making the most out of today rather than limiting yourself for the sake of improving your chances tomorrow. You want to live each day with joy and wonder, and have a childlike sense of awe about the world, your fellow humans, and nature.

In numerology 3 is a very independent number and not one that fits nicely into other people’s categories. This is great for art, but not so great for business. Many 3s have difficulty choosing a career, settling into a job, or persisting along one job path for very long. “Follow your passion” may seem like good advice, but the problem is that your passions change quickly, frequently, and unexpectedly. Following your passion today might lead to a job that means nothing to you tomorrow.

You will almost definitely want to spend some time “experimenting” with different career paths. While this is fine for a time, beware of spending too much time “experimenting.” It’s tempting to drop every job when it gets dull, but this won’t serve you well in the long run, because even the best job will have dull days, and sometimes it’s better to push through those than start all over again.

You have the most problems when it comes to handling money, since you’d always rather spend than save.

It is important that you find some subjects or activities in life that you can dig deeply into, swimming against your natural tendency to always move rapidly from one thing to the next. By choosing a few things to commit yourself to in a more long-term fashion (whether these things are careers, people, or causes), you will be able to put your creative skills to more effective use. Your creativity can only do so much good when it’s only directed towards the same thing for a few weeks or months. There is so much more good to be done when you can dedicate it to something for years, even a lifetime, as long as you really are dedicated to that thing.

You have a dynamic energy with other people that’s positively infectious, which can also be a great way to find fulfillment. Build lots of relationships with a wide variety of people, and you’ll find yourself on a joyful path. Also beware cutting yourself off from others. As social as you are (which is very social), at times, you can feel like no one else really understands you. You can fall victim to feelings of being “all alone in a crowded room,” where you are surrounded by friends but don’t feel like you’re fully yourself with any of them. Make sure that your group of friends includes some probing souls who you feel you can fully open up to, as well as some more glib and jokey friends.

By surrounding yourself with a variety of friends, and pursuing a variety of projects and interests, you can keep your life feeling fresh, and avoid the feelings of boredom and stagnation that trouble some 3s.

Love, romance and money are within your reach. You are aided by your friends and admirers. You are not a loner, nor are you particularly independent. You are social; you need an audience and the support of others to fully realize your abilities. Be goal-oriented. This is practical, step-by-step approach to your larger ambitions. You possess "natural" abilities to attain high degree of excellence.


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